Promotional USB Flash Drives:
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Our Aim:

USB Imports has one aim in mind. To provide the best solution for promotional USB flash drives for your needs. We deliver quality, delivery speed, flexibility & competitive pricing.

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USB Flash Drive, USB Memory Sticks, Promotional USB Drives, USB Thumb Drives they are called many different names - we import them all direct from our factory. We decorate our promotional USB flash drives at point of manufacture and ensure the quality by only using quality components.

Design Your Own:

You can select from the standard range, or you can customise your own USB flash drives. We have access to a full team of product designers and a molding factory. So you can build your own promotional USB drives from scratch. Just contact us to discuss your idea and budget.

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Latest Promotional USB Flash Drives


Promotional USB Flash drive with plastic body, ideal for printing with your logo.


Thumbnail image for the DT-172 USB Flash Drive


Silicon wristband promotional USB flash drive. Ideal for printing


Thumbnail image for the DT-340 USB Flash Drive


Promotional USB drive in wooden case with swivel motion. Ideal for printing.


Thumbnail image for the DT-326 USB Flash Drive